Israeli and international taxation – advice and effective tax planning while making use of the tools provided by law can yield significant financial savings for any business and utilization of most of the rights the business has under the law.
Our Tax Department team consists of CPAs, attorneys and tax consultants with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the provisions of the law and in the options available for selecting the course of action that will yield the best results for that business.

Offered Services

Individual Taxation

Our firm has many unique tools to assist and advise individuals vis-à-vis the various tax authorities. Our firm works intensively to support our clients in their dealings with the authorities and help them reduce their total tax liabilities through creative and professional tax planning.
We work closely with clients in the preparation and submission of annual tax returns to the Tax Authority . We also assist new immigrants and returning residents reduce their overall tax liability and ensure they receive all the rights and benefits to which they are entitled.

Tax Opinions

We provide professional, detailed and comprehensive opinions designed to provide a response to legal issues that have accounting and financial aspects at their core. In such cases, our firm provides opinions containing in-depth analyses characterized by creativity and writing of the highest level in order to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Obtaining Pre-Rulings

We work to obtain pre-rulings in all areas of taxation from the appropriate tax authority: international taxation, income tax, structural changes, VAT, the Law for Encouragement of Capital Investments, and real estate taxation.

Corporate Taxation

We closely advise corporations throughout the process of their establishment, during the course of their day-to-day business activities, and through their dissolution, where relevant.

We assist our clients in their dealings with the Registrar of Companies, National Insurance (Bituach Le’umi), and the diverse needs of the Israel Tax Authorities, while facilitating and advancing our clients’ interests vis-à-vis government authorities.

International Taxation

We prepare reports and perform tax planning for Israeli residents that include elements of international taxation.

We also assist our non-Israeli clients with their business activities in Israel and with their dealings with the tax authorities.

We specialize in optimal tax planning for our clients and help them get the full tax benefits to which they are entitled.

Voluntary Disclosure

We handle voluntary disclosure procedures. Our firm provides advice prior to referral to the voluntary disclosure procedure, while examining all the options and representing taxpayers – individuals and companies alike – in voluntary disclosure procedures as of preparation of the application, through discussions with the Tax Authority, submission of reports and through to conclusion of the agreement with the tax authorities.

Trust Taxation

Our firm has many tools for creating the right legal structure for the planning and management of trusts and intergenerational transfer, while taking under consideration all the relevant tax implications and working with the Israel Tax Authority.

Value Added Tax

Our firm provides services tailored to handling complex VAT issues that include, among others, tax exemption, financial institutions and the capital market, opinions, tax assessment returns and many other services.


We assist our clients in obtaining government incentives and benefits in accordance with the Law for Encouragement of Capital Investments, including reports to the Chief Scientist, the Marketing Encouragement Fund, the Israel Innovation Authority and the Investment and Development Authority for Industry and the Economy.

Real Estate Taxation

Our firm has a wide palette of tools and extensive experience in real estate taxation, including capital gains tax and purchase tax, and we provide our clients with a full service from calculation of the tax, submission of the report, and through to inclusion in our clients’ annual statements of the tax collected for real estate transactions.

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