About the firm

Stark & Stark CPA (Isr.) is an accounting firm established in 1984. The firm provides a variety of professional solutions to fully address the unique needs of each of its clients.  

The range of services provided by Stark & Stark includes, among other things, accounting and auditing services for Israeli and international companies, a local and international tax advisory service, financial advice and support including assistance in obtaining government incentives and grants, financial recovery, business turnaround programs, and accounting services.

The firm’s clients include corporations, partnerships, individuals, foreign investors, industrial enterprises, real estate and technology-rich companies, government ministries, local authorities, and non-profit organizations.

Vision and Goals

Stark & Stark CPAs are dedicated to the provision of a variety of services in which we maintain the highest standards of professionalism, quality, integrity, fairness, transparency, and professional ethics.

We are proud of our team and are committed to constantly keeping their professional level to the highest standard, while also aspiring to continuous improvement in the level and quality of the diverse services we provide.

We strive to continue to grow, develop, and innovate so as to be an influential entity in Israel’s accounting sector.

Three Steps to Success:

Always meeting the unique needs of each of our clients
Tailoring the services to the client after individual analysis and professional and meticulous planning of all their needs.
The work methodology is managed by a designated partner who oversees the work plan in practice and allocates the various tasks to the most suitable professional hands.
This uniquely personal approach helps us face professional challenges and successfully navigate the business world. 

Delivering the best service while striving for excellence
Our professional team is carefully selected and committed to achieving defined goals. All our employees have years of education, expertise, and experience in the provision of accounting, taxation and financial services.

Providing added value and up-to-date, professional, and pertinent information
We are meticulous about keeping abreast of professional updates and their implementation in a regular, efficient, and readily accessible manner, both for our clients and for the professional entities with whom we are in contact on their behalf.