Financial Recovery and Restructuring House

Offered Services

Corporate Recovery and Economic Rehabilitation

Our firm’s Corporate Recovery and Financial Rehabilitation Department provides, among other things, consulting services and advice on the rehabilitation of corporations facing a cash flow and/or operational crisis with the aim of stabilizing them and does so by designing work plans and performance analyses conducted by experts from diverse fields who have an economic or accounting background.

Our services include preparation of a multi-stage plan designed to set a recovery process in motion and restore trust with the various parties connected to the company, including, but not limited to, suppliers, employees, customers, the banking system, and more.

The recovery process includes complex analyses of cross-organizational processes, in both economic and financing terms, as well as operational processes that could have an impact on the company’s business results.

We also continue to accompany the company after the rehabilitation process to ensure that the recovery plan is fully implemented and monitored as well as creating growth and value for the company and its shareholders.

Supporting Companies in Insolvency Proceedings

This Department advises companies in insolvency proceedings on behalf of the officers (trustees, receivers, etc.) appointed by the district courts in Israel.

A team of experts from our firm composed of CPAs, economists, analysts and operatives, performs in-depth analysis of the company and its results who will draw up a plan for operating the company over a fixed period of time in accordance with the legal framework and insolvency law.

In addition, the Department supports the company in managing ongoing legal proceedings and acts to implement the operating plan formulated by us and approved by the court.

Through this methodology, we conduct in-depth examination of all operational divisions, set in motion control and monitoring mechanisms, exercise close monitoring and supervision of the company’s cash flow during the interim period, locate assets, undertake operational management of the company including its workforce, suppliers, and other service providers, conduct representations with the tax authorities, while acting to locate investors and external financing.

Services to the Banking System

Our firm’s Corporate Recovery Department, through a team of experts with an economic, accounting, and legal background, performs a business diagnosis of a company in economic crisis using a structured methodology for managing the company.

To achieve the desired outcome, we implement a multi-stage program that includes:

  • Managing and improving the company’s reporting system.
  • Examining the extent of the company’s financial compliance with its own reporting system.
  • Assimilating procedures and creating an organizational culture.
  • Formulating a dedicated and independent supervisory body to assist in the company’s day-to-day management.
  • Setting a strategy that also includes business development.
  • Creating economic value for the company’s assets.
  • Providing expert opinions / status reports to the financing entity’s credit department.

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