Internal, Investigative and Risk Management Audits

Our firm’s experience, expertise and professionalism create the comprehensive response we provide to each client according to their particular needs, allowing us to make a significant contribution to the conduct of the organizations concerned.
Department Specializations:
We advocate an internal audit approach that combines efficiency, risk management, and the effectivity of the audit while assisting in the preparation and assimilation of procedures in order to reduce and prevent errors, embezzlement and fraud, while providing added value to the entire organization and the entities operating under its umbrella.
Our firm’s partners serve as internal auditors and also provide guidance and advice to internal auditors serving in the organizations.

Offered Services

Internal audits, professional advice and guidance to diverse organizations in the public and private sectors, including risk assessment, internal auditing of government ministries and statutory bodies, preparation and implementation of procedures.

Serving as a body for the inspection of non-profit organizations in accordance with the provisions of the Associations Law.

In-depth audits of supported entities and assistance in formulating plans for correcting deficiencies vis-à-vis the regulators.

Investigative audits.

Formulation of agreed recovery and rehabilitation agreements with the regulators and their implementation through to completion of the procedure.

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