Accounting and Audit Services

Our firm has extensive experience in auditing annual and quarterly financial statements, including statements prepared in accordance with IFRS rules and in accordance with the Israeli standard.

We serve a wide range of corporations including companies, the third sector, and the government sector.

Our firm has the tools, knowledge, and resources to provide clients with a professional, readily available and carefully tailored service that expresses a deep understanding of each type of business and its form of incorporation, the environment in which it operates, the requirements of its customers, and thoughts on how to bring substantial added-value to the client.

The Department handles a full complement of services for corporations as of the audit stage and through to preparation of financial statements, tax returns, and the various reports they are required to submit to institutions.

Offered Services

Audits of annual and periodic financial statements for companies in a variety of fields and industries

Including real estate and investment companies, R&D and technology rich companies, industrial companies, companies with an international investment structure, start-ups at various stages of growth, services and retail companies, and more.

Assistance in the establishment and activity of international entities

That operate in Israel, and handling the representation of foreign companies operating in Israel.

Third sector auditing

The firm has many years of experience and particular expertise in working with clients in the third sector: associations, non-profit organizations, public benefit companies, Ottoman associations, and non-profit institutions. The extent of our experience and knowledge has resulted in the firm becoming a leader in this field as well as to our involvement at the highest level in Israel’s accounting bodies. We also participate in the proceedings for determining Israeli standardization and legislation for this particular sector. The firm provides audit services to the third sector in the fields of education, health, welfare and more. Our services in this sector extend to hands-on support and assistance in preparing online reports, overseeing proper management, and approvals under Section 46 for crediting donations.

Government sector auditing

Including government and statutory companies, local authorities, government ministries, health corporations, and municipal companies.

Assistance in preparing financial statements

for entities that are required by law to use an independent auditor – the team will study methods for disclosure and presentation and map the accounting issues in coordination with the auditing accountant while meeting the required schedules.

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